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CONTENT: (42/45) Your writing style is remarkable. I enjoyed reading your entries. UmÖnot all of them though. There was way too much. A glutton for punishment I am not. I think youíre a bit over analytical, but thatís somewhat expected of a girl. I have a short attention span, so I just skimmed through what I thought was repetitive. You bore me a little bit with your outstanding vocabulary. I am a simple girl. Well, not really. But I donít want to feel like Iím reading from an encyclopedia.

However, you do stand firm in your beliefs and I have to admire that. Even if I donít particularly believe in the same things you do. Youíre very competent, and I admire anyone who has a backbone of that strength.

I donít really agree with your views on abortion and abstinence. Not everything is so clear cut. The world isnít so obviously good and evil. The line is extremely blurry. Being put in certain situations can alter a personís view on the subject. I know you realize that everyone does not believe as you do. Youíre very mature. I would have never guessed that youíre so young.

EXPRESSION/PERSONALITY: (24/25)You are your own person. Thereís no doubt about that. As I stated above, you stick to your beliefs. You donít shove your religion down anyoneís throat, but you make it very clear where you stand on a particular subject.

Youíre a bit too uptight for my tastes. Always so serious and what have you. Relax. Youíre young. Thereís nothing wrong with having a little fun. Iím pretty sure being a teenager isnít a sin.

EXTRAS: (10/10) I like the fact that you have a page about yourself. Just some background information that helps me along, so I can understand better. Also, the cast page which is always a plus. Two of the links donít work anymore. I suggest you take a look at that. However, Iím giving you the full points because you had the guts to link to THAT many smiley faces. I bow to your smiley will. I even cracked a smile. Thatís incredible. You also lucked out on Neopets. I absolutely love it. I think I like you.

CONTACT: (10/10)Youíve got the goods my friend. Very stalkable. Not that I would actually stalk you or anythingÖOk! Moving on

LINK: (8/10) Unfortunately, I canít give you the full ten points. It was a no brainer that the site was under extras. However, when I went back to your older entries there was no link to ďExtrasĒ. Lucky for you Iím a nice person, and will only take off two points.

COMMENTS: You are an amazing person. You faith doesnít hinder you from growing and having an open mind. I have to admire that. I do think youíre a little naÔve, but willing to learn. Seriously, relax though. Maybe you spend a little too much time updating instead of living your life.

You may grab an Emerald ring!

Score: 94/100

Reviewed on 2004-09-20 at 6:19 p.m. by Shannon

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