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*Any diary is eligible for review- that includes non-DiaryLand diaries. Please have at least 20 entries so that we have something on which to base an opinion.

*Even though we don't score for layout, we will check to see that you do not have a stolen one. If you do, you will be put in the Hall of Shame, reported to the designer, and to the person who has the legitimate template.

*You may request any reviewer as long as you aren't personal friends with each other.

*Very important is that you use one of our link buttons to link back to us when you request your review. These must be placed in a prominent spot on your main layout, or as a link in a reviews page. A link in a normal entry (ie, other than a links/reviews/equivalent page) will not do. Please be sure to tell us where you have placed this link in your request.

*Request your review in our guestbook only.

*When you request your review please include the phrase "I'm a unique" so that I know you have read the rules.

*If you know a reviewer, please say so. Afterall, you do want a fair review, right?

*If you feel you were unfairly scored, or are really unhappy with your review, please submit for a re-review.

*Each month, we will look at the diaries we have reviewed, and then vote on "Diary of the Month". This will spotlight the writer in a feature that will appear on this site.

*We have diaryrings according to your score. They are as follows:

80-89=Ruby Ring

90-99=Emerald Ring

100+ =Diamond Ring

Good Luck! Please be sure to read the scoring!

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