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CONTENT ( 45/45): One of your first entries I think sets the tone for your content. I honestly only read every ten entries or so because you have 200. Just from my cross section it became apparent that your content centers on your relationship with your family and your faith (which is stunning in someone so young). I found a lot of your entries about Catholicism educational and refreshing. Your English and grammar are superb.

EXPRESSION ( 30/25): You have no problems expressing how you really feel. Right from the beginning you dove right in. I related to your struggles about friendship and feeling left out. Being a teenager is hard and part of it is realizing what you want and who you want to associate with. Young love, cherish those moments of awakening. It only gets more complicated with age. You are so honest about how you feel. I truly enjoyed it.

EXTRAS ( 10/10): There are a ton of extras here including reads and graphic sites.

CONTACT ( 10/10): I can definitely find you if I want to.

LINK ( 10/10): present

COMMENTS: We chose to review your diary despite the fact that you've quit writing. What I found within your pages was a sad and strong person. You have a way with words. Perhaps in time you'll come back and grace us with your presence again. I don't have any constructive criticism because there isn't a need for any. Congratulations on your Diamond Ring qualification.

Score: 105/100

Reviewed on 2004-09-16 at 10:17 p.m. by Rue

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