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Award Winners Page

~*~Awards Page for Rare Silk Monthly Winners~*~

Each reviewer nominates a diary by the 25th of each month, and this month's winner was determined by Victorianna. Award Image Designed and Personalized by our Site Designer and Request Coordinator Nicola Brown. Each Monthly Winner receives their own personalized award to display on their site.

September, 2003:

Ladyofthefae is so gorgeous, and so unique. Nicola, the diarist, is very poetic, as well as having the gift to express herself in few words. The overall site is a treat, and the reader will feel transformed into another dimension. On a side note, this is another Nicola who is a designer. This is our Rare Silk Diary for the Month of September, 2003.

August, 2003:

Breakthedark is a truly unique, special, and well-written diary. Rosaline truly shines brightly, and has a site that is unlike any we've ever encountered. She is truly what I had in mind for a Rare Silk Diary.

August Dreams
A true Rare Silk diary! Please, stop by and read this unique and very engaging diary. Congratualtions to our July, 2004 Outstanding Diary Winner!

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