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CONTENT: Naturally, what you write is important when being reviewed. It doesn't matter if you update everyday; however, the quality of what you do write is paramount. Try your best to spell things correctly. Exercise good grammar skills. You don't have to be perfect; just able to be understood. Swearing is tolerated to a certain degree. Some people's personalities just go that way, and that's fine. We want your personality to shine through!

Content is worth 45 points.

EXPRESSION/PERSONALITY: Please, be yourself! We want you to feel free when you write. Get those emotions across! Let it out! Show how you feel!
Expression/Personality is worth 25 points.

EXTRAS: It's always good to spice things up a bit with surveys, links, quizzes, pictures, and anything else that would make your diary stand out. It is also possible to use these extras as a means of getting across your personality.
Extras is worth 10 points.

CONTACT: Can you be contacted? This means guestbook, email, notes, comments...
Contact is worth 10 points.

LINK: Did you link back to Rare Silk? Can we find the link easily?
Link is worth 10 points.

TOTAL SCORE: 100 points

Each reviewer has the opportunity to make comments at the end of the review to let your know how he/she feels you may improve, or what was truly outstanding. This is optional, but helpful in some cases.

Now, if something is truly outstanding, the reviewer, at his/her discretion, can always give more than the stated number of points; therefore, it is possible to score over 100 points. Even though layout is not scored, if a reviewer feels that a layout or design is truly noteworthy, then he/she may give extra credit for that.

You may have noticed that layout is not included in the scoring. That's because we want the emphasis to be on content and personality, and not so much on looks. It's o.k. to have a DiaryLand template. Really, it should be a non-issue. If you are proud of your diary, you are going to make it look nice and be easy to navigate. If it gets to the point where the diaries are just too sloppy, I may have to start scoring on layout/design, but I hope not.

Please be sure to read the Rules!

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