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Tailbone Lust

Tailbone Lust

CONTENT ( 43/45): I was going to skim through the entries but I noticed that most entries were short so I read them all. It took me a while to really feel you at all. I was preparing myself to hate you. Honestly. Then you started making me laugh out loud. My fish probably think I'm a freak. At any rate, you started this out as a quotes and jokes spot but over time you started really entering more of your own thing and I started skipping the jokes (and IM conversations) because what you have to say is more interesting. I found the layout a little distracting and while we don't score on the layout I think it takes away from the content.

EXPRESSION ( 23/25): I think that you were maybe a little awkward at first or that was the feeling I got from reading but over time you've gotten better at expressing yourself. You have quite a few little gems throughout that made me laugh. You're well adjusted for a teen. I was happy that you're just as unimpressed as I am by the "teen" speak. Today I am at day 2 of nicotine withdrawal so I related to this.

EXTRAS ( 11/10): I'm going to give you an extra point for all that extra stuff. I like how you've broken out special categories for your entries. Neat idea and helpful with over 200 entries.

CONTACT ( 10/10): You are stalkable (is that a word? I didn't think so)

LINK ( 10/10): Found it.

COMMENTS: I think that you're really starting to improve and realize that it's about you and not the jokes. There's nothing wrong with the jokes I guess but it's not something I would read. I think most people like to read about other people's lives no matter how we relay it. Yours is only going to get more interesting with time. Lately you've slowed down the entries and I was relieved. It is hard to read someone several times a day. Perhaps concentrate on one good entry with a lot of substance instead of multiple fluff entries a day. Experiment with melding several stories together. Otherwise you're doing great. The Emerald Ring welcomes you.

Score: 97/100

Reviewed on 2004-09-21 at 12:00 a.m. by Rue

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